Small Groups

When Jesus began His ministry, he gathered twelve men around Him for support, training and encouragement. Small groups at First United Methodist Church are based on the principles of caring, sharing and study.  

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Small Group Books

Small Group Studies

Because Bible stories mean something different to us at different stages of our lives, we should continue to study and question. Our groups meet with the intention of growth in discipleship and fellowship.

Before I attended my first small group study at Ottumwa First United Methodist Church, I was concerned that I lacked the knowledge to participate. The first session put my mind at ease. The support and fellowship I experienced while in covenant with the group was amazing. 


Small Group Projects

We welcome and encourage small groups to take on projects that follow the path of discipleship. One such group meets together to prepare Christmas gift bags for the elderly of the community. The bags are distributed through the non-profit group, Seida.

Elder Gifts 4
Elder Gifts
Elder Gifts 2